Wine tasting 101 at Sovereign Kisumu Hotel

Did you know that wine tasting is best done between 8am and 10 am? No coffee before that? That you should use the same wine glass all through the different wines you taste? That before you taste you should check the color of wine against the light, smell it, swirl it in the glass then taste it? That different food go well with specific wine? And that same wine has different taste every year?

I have always wanted to go for wine tasting. Now, Kisumu does not have much of that but last week Friday, John Legebeke hosted a wine tasting event at Sovereign Hotel. The moment I stepped into Legend Bar, I knew that what I spent on my ticket would be worth. The set up was amazing, classy, and comfortable. Music from the young talented live band was top notch.

I would say this was wine tasting 101. A number of us love wine but are ignorant about a number of things about the wine they consume. It’s never too late to enrich your knowledge of certain important things like wine.

We tasted 9 different kinds of wine. Funny thing is with the first glass, there was less chats and more listening, as we headed to the 6th glass of wine, everyone was more lively and chatty, which is a fun thing. Essar and I had our moment of bonding. We got to know each other more and I was glad about that.

The wines we tasted included;

  • Durbanville Sauvignon blanc
  • Durbanville Cabernet sauvignon
  • Durbanville Merlot
  • Hardy’s Chardonnay
  • Hardy’s Shiraz
  • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
  • Kim Crawford Pinot Noir
  • Nederbug Chardonnay
  • Robertson Winery


wp-1480665192902.jpgShrimp salad with vinegar and guacamole tasted better with Sauvignon Blanc because the wine has a fresh, grassy and lime taste than Chardonnay

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With the salmon and butter sauce the chardonnay goes better because the wine is riper with a smell of butter in the nose. The white wine with buttery consistency goes well with rich fish (salmon, tuna), pork and vegetarian.


Merlot is smooth, fruity and easy to drink but dark red, Cabernet Sauvignon, a strong and full body wine beats it while paired with beef, lamb and spicy food.

So it’s nice to find out which mouth feeling combines the best! That’s what it makes it special.

Sometimes a wine is wonderful just to drink, but if you combine it with food you will find out it doesn’t fit and the other way around, sometimes you taste the wine and you think not a fine wine but if you combine it with food it matches.

 Wine tasting was amazing and I look forward to many more in Kisumu and beyond.

Until next time, eat, pour, drink, and repeat. Cheers!


Photos courtsey: Essar Yagomba







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  1. infokisumu says:

    Nicely put! Too bad I missed this, next time I will not.


    1. AcholaOtieno says:

      Thank you. Next time we shall meet there. no more missing events

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      1. infokisumu says:

        Of course dear. Keep up the good writing and informing us of your culinary tips. 🙂


  2. AcholaOtieno says:

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